What is a Certified High Performance Home?

Certified High Performance Homes EARN a HERS Index of 65 or lower during a Third-Party Certified HERS Rating.

A Certified High Performance Home is built by a HIGH QUALITY BUILDER that undergoes continuous training in climate zone specific building science, current best practices and the HERS INDEX.

Certified High Performance Homes are DESIGNED to use at least 35% less energy than the average similar new home and 50% less energy than a similar existing home.

In addition to using LESS ENERGY to lower operating costs and reduce environmental impacts, Certified High Performance Homes are built to have better air quality, durability and comfort.

A Certified High Performance Homes has a HERS Rating label and national recognized documentation (40% of all new homes in the U.S. were HERS Rated in 2011).

Homes certified by the Home Building Professionals of Greater Omaha (HBPGO) to be Certified High Performance Homes are at least 35% more energy efficient than a similar typical new home that scores a HERS 100 and much more efficient than a similar existing home that scores a HERS 130.


CHPH homes have been third party tested to meet a HERS Index of 65 or less and in many cases are in the 40s or 50s.


Keep in mind an ENERGYSTAR® Version 2.0 home in Nebraska only needed to meet a HERS 85. . . and this program requires HERS 65. . . 20% better!